About Us

Why choose Us?

We deliver.

Delaris is a small, resourceful & responsive team with a proven track record of helping our clients understand their needs, define their objectives, and meet their goals.

Our Mission.

To help organizations find answers to their most pressing and difficult business questions.

What we Do.

We specialize in listening, then partnering with our clients to achieve results. We have built our business on fundamental values; respect for people, your time, and your money. We deliver value. Living up to these values means most of our business comes from word of mouth and repeat customers.

Founded in 2003 by Lisa Dennis, Delaris is a small, flexible, high-energy team providing broad skills and a strong commitment to excellent customer service, our community, and the environment. Located in Portland, Oregon, Delaris is a company focused on solutions with deep experience and background in engineering, education, communications, and project management and a proven track record helping organizations discover, document, and optimize business processes.

Lisa and her brother-in-law, Chris, each with more than 25 years of experience, enjoy working with people, getting to know your business and your unique challenges.

Lisa Photo

Lisa Dennis

Owner, Senior Consultant

Lisa has more than twenty-five years of experience helping organizations assess their goals and processes, hone their workflows, and reach their intended audience. She is an excellent project manager who contributes substance and technical expertise to a broad array of business needs. Contact Lisa with questions regarding business process improvement, training, process mapping, organizational development, requirements gathering/development, communications strategy or other general inquiries.

Chris Photo

Chris Dennis

Senior Consultant

Chris is a results-driven strategist, project manager, and customer advocate, effectively integrating human needs with wise technological choices and business decisions. He is a talented facilitator, combining strong public speaking skills and technical savvy to reach diverse audiences. Over 25 years of experience helping organizations discover needs, requirements and improvement opportunities, then formulating them in ways that draw out good solutions and reliable vendors.